Will America’s trade tussle with China affect you

In the last few posts I have been advocating to my readers about  buying products from major Chinese etailing websites.In the midst of that I read about the ouster of Huawei and subsequently Honor from American markets.

Trump has placed Huawei on the entity list- or blacklist if you will.This seems to be the start of a series of trade misfortunes for other Chinese megallayers.

One way of whipping a country into submission is by cutting off what makes them thrive- an Economic sanction of sorts

The gist of the trade ban

Huawei and honor smartphones both will not be able to business directly with US companies.These include Intel,Qualcomm,ARM and most significantly Google.Intel,ARM and Qualcomm provide the chipset and processor,these two which can be sourced from another manufacturer,however Google provides the Android operating system which is the heart and soul of the smartphone.

This will be a huge blow to the chinese phone maker that wants to tread inwards into internal American Markets and rival the Iphone.

Also Huawei is one of the worlds biggest telecommunications equipment provider and hence they will not be able to sell their products in the US markets nor will they be able to use Google’s play store or access their apps.


Will this affect our shopping experience?

Most definitely will.Many products that we shop from Chinese Eretail websites will now have a higher import tax,thereby increasing the cost of the product for us-the consumers.This is deliberately been done to curb imports and dissuade people from buying chinese goods.

A few ways to reduce your cost of buying goods from Aliexpress would be to choose products that offer only free delivery- believe me there are plenty.Also look for companies that actually ship from the US itself,instead of shipping from China.This will not only be import tax free,but will also reach you sooner.




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