5 Advantages of using Availity

5 Advantages of using Availity – Availity is your one stop for healthcare professionals that need to access patient medical and financial history in a matter of seconds simply by the click of a mouse. Over the last decade it has become an integral part of the healthcare industry and an indispensable part of the system . The motto of Availity is “Patients, not paperwork”. Availity strives to make the process easy for physicians so that they can spend more time on patients and less on paperwork.

5 Advantages of using Availity

1.If you are a healthcare provider or physician, you need to be connected to a healthcare network, Availity is one with the widest reach and database.

2.Huge database with many healthcare insurers, each with their own list of payers profiles. The payer profiles are in-depth and can be browsed and accessed via the Availty website itself that is extremely user friendly to navigate through. An add on tool called Careprofile gives you a sneak peak at a consolidated tabulated view of the patients medical history as well as claims history.

3. Availity can be used free of charge by providers and physicians with a secure login, and free training and help webinars are setup from time to time to deal with user issues on subjects of choice.

4.It is extremely cost effective as well as helpful to providers, as the database and information about payers and patients is exhaustive. Administrative elements and middle men are cut out, and the entire process of availing healthcare is simplified for the payer, physician and provider.

5.Easy payment options via care  also card swipes on the web portal itself, reimbursements can also be availed onsite.

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