0 apr credit cards balance transfer no fee

0 apr credit cards balance transfer no fee – When one transfers balance onto another card, there are three notably important aspects to look into,after all transferring balance is done to make your credit payments easier and get your financial crisis under control. APR which is the rate of interest that will charged on your outstanding amount, balance transfer charges which is a one time fee that will be charged when your credit is transferred and tenure for which this APR will be upheld. In my opinion, out of these 3 aspects, tenure is most important as it is a recurring expense,whereas balance transfer charges are one time and all these cards offer the same 0% APR.

0 apr credit cards balance transfer no fee

Here are listed some of the best credit cards ranked according to their tenure of 0% APR, which gives you extra  time to breathe and live freely.A tiny bit of advice too is that even though most of these cards offer 0% APR on purchases also, it would be unwise to build more credit, instead try clearing off that outstanding credit first,or at least half of it.Take advantage of that 0% APR and knock off as much as you can and bring down your  liability before you can start spending again.


21 MONTHS– CITI PLATINUM SELECT MASTERCARD with no annual fee.Extra perk thrown is in the way of discounts at certain online stores.0% APR on purchases as well as balance transfer.


21 MONTHS– CITI DIAMOND PREFERRED CARD no annual fee, with 0% APR for purchases and balance transfer. With this card you are entitled to bookings of hotel,flights and other services through a citiphone offer.



12 MONTHS– CHASE FREEDOM with no annual fee, however charges 3% o f the amount that is transferred as fees.Chase also offers 0% APR on transfers for 12 months and 6 months for purchases.Also 10 % cashback on online purchases and $100 cashback on spending $500 in the first 3 months of activation.



6 MONTHS– DISCOVER MORE CARD no annual fee, however charges for balance transfer is set at 3% of amount transferred. 0% APR on purchases and balance transfer.Perks include 5% off (cashback)at restaurants,supermarkets,stores etc.


Before you decide on your card from the above to transfer your balance remember that WHAT you spend and HOW you payback during your 0% APR tenure will affect your credit ratings and creditworthiness. This is crucial as after the 0% tenure ends, APR will range from 11.99% onward, to keep this APR under control and as close to 11.99%, spend smart, and pay smart.

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